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Hey, I’m Amy!

I’m Amy and I’m the one who runs things here at at Outside Living Today. My goal here is to help you find items that will turn your outside living area into an extension of your home and an outdoor oasis.

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Why Should You Trust Us?

Outside Living Today offers well-researched, high quality articles and advice about products and activities that fit your lifestyle and your needs.

We feature how-to’s, tips and advice, as well as a full range of informational articles dedicated to our readers. We also test, review and evaluate products in an easy to follow format.

How We Test Products?

#1 Research

We spend many hours researching every product we choose to write about, using rigorous data analysis, and objective comparison of features.

#2 Test

Armed with information about our topic, we pull together reviews from all the top sites across the internet. When available we do hands on testing as well.  

#3 Recommend

Once we have our test data we make a recommendation on the product. We do not promote products we don’t believe in or give favorable reviews to companies who pay us.

Do you have a question or request? We’d be happy to help out!