Top 20 Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs

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Top 20 Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs


Top 20 Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs

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Being outdoors is great for both the body and mind. Studies show being out in nature, away from the business of our daily lives and technology, can allow people to connect with themselves in a way that brings about peace and a sense of well-being. It can also improve memory, fight depression, and lower blood pressure.

Thankfully, there are lots of bloggers out there who have figured all of this out and can offer advice about getting outdoors, taking a trip or going on a hike.

Here are our top picks for the best outdoor and hiking blogs in no particular order.

#1Fiona Outdoors

Top 20 Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs
  • Topics: Active interests, including running, cycling, Munro bagging and skiing
  • Written by: Fiona and guests
  • Location: Scotland

If you are looking for ideas, inspiration and great stories about the outdoors, then this maybe the one for you.  If you like activities such as walking, running, skiing and surrounded by the Scotland countryside you will appreciate Fionas stories. She is constantly updating her collection of news, ideas and inspiring stories on this website.

#2 The Big Outside

  • Topics: Hiking, gear reviews, backpacking, travel with kids, trip planning and more
  • Written by: Michael Lanza
  • Location: World wide

Michael gave up his career as an editor so that he could be outdoors more. He eventually started this blog to offer stories, images, and expert trip-planning advice on America’s and the world’s best outdoor adventures which also include many that are ideal for families. Any trip he mentions he has done himself.

#3 An Outdoors Family

Top 20 Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs
  • Topics: Family friendly travel, camping, gear reviews, canoeing and more
  • Written by: Stacey and Keith
  • Location: World wide

Stacey, Keith and their son love spending time outdoors, especially mountain walking, canoeing and wild camping. This website is about that outdoors family time, sharing with you what has worked for them and hopefully inspiring you start adventuring and getting outdoors with your kids. They also have gear reviews, share routes and more.

#4 Traversing

Top 20 Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs
  • Topics: Camping, canoeing, gear reviews, cooking, gift ideas and more
  • Written by: Evan Holt
  • Location: Canada

This website has been offering Canadian camping and canoeing news, tips, and gear reviews since 2011. They publish daily blog posts and always encourage people to tag them in their own adventures. They basically love to share all that Canada has to offer.

#5 Gareth Mate

Top 20 Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs
  • Topics: Travel, photography, sports and more
  • Written by: Gareth
  • Location: UK and Netherlands

This blog is about sports, love of travel, and embracing outdoors while documenting those amazing experiences through the combination of photography and written words. Documenting life through photography and written words has always been something that has interested Gareth. It allows him the opportunity to share his thoughts, interests, hopes and dreams within this website.

#6 The Outdoor Soul

Top 20 Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs
  • Topics: Camping, kayaking, exploring, hiking, zip-lining, fishing, photography and more
  • Written by: Bob and guests
  • Location: United States

The Outdoor Soul is about everything outdoors. The writer, Bob writes about adventure, spending time with his family, nature photography, and also some gear reviews.  The blog was started after Bob went on a self-defining, soul-searching adventure while reading an ebook on how to become a better man.

#7 Beers at the Bottom

Top 20 Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs
  • Topics: Hiking, beer, food and photography
  • Written by: A team of writers
  • Location: Pacific Northwest

Beers at the Bottom was conceived on a rainy April afternoon in a bookstore. While browsing local hiking guides, the writers noticed an astonishing quantity and variety of books dedicated to walking in the woods. That’s when the idea struck to create Beers at the Bottom. Because there’s nothing better than a cold, frothy pint after a long day of hiking.

#8 A Girl on a Hike

  • Topics: Hiking, dogs, camping, backpacking
  • Written by: Alicia
  • Location: Montana, USA

Girl on a Hike, follows hiking enthusiast Alicia, and her hiking companion, Charlie, a Golden Lab, on their outdoor adventures. She fell in love with hiking after moving to Montana in 2008 then fell in love with a puppy who is now her hiking buddy. She not only writes about hiking, camping and backpacking but she provides tips on dog friendly areas so that you can take your buddy along too.

#9 Midwest Basecamp

 Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs
  • Topics: Hiking, kayaking, biking, skiing and more
  • Written by: Kovas Palubinskas
  • Location: Midwest, USA

Midwest Basecamp’s is made specifically for outdoorsy folks, people getting outside hiking, camping, trail running, climbing, mountain biking and more. Besides being outdoorsy, Kovas reviews products that relate to the outdoors.

#10 The Rogue Outsdoorsman

  • Topics: News about fishing, hunting, hiking, environment, camping and outdoor sports
  • Written by: David Briggs
  • Location: United States

he Rogue Outdoorsman is an outdoor sporting news website. It features outdoors news and information from sources around the country. There is so much information covered on this site from fishing, hiking, and hunting to environmental news. You can also find information on skiing and when hunting seasons opens around the country.

#11 Frugal Frolicker

  • Topics: Travel, hiking, art and photography on the cheap
  • Written by: Lindsey
  • Location: Sydney, Australia

This blogs main focus is on outdoor travel adventures, highlighting the best hikes, road-trips, bike rides, and other outdoor activities. Lindsey explains how to travel on the cheap in beautiful places around the world all while paying off her student loan debt. She often writes about street art and coffee.

#12 Angela Travels

 Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs
  • Topics: Hiking, rock climbing, skiing, biking, mountaineering and more
  • Written by: Angela
  • Location: Pacific Northwest

This blog is based in the Pacific Northwest and writer Angela was hit with the travel bug and had to explore the world. If she is not travelling the world you can find her sharing my outdoor adventures. From local weekend hiking to full vacations, this blog shares how to get out of the city. 

#13 Outdoor Gear World

  • Topics: Reviews of gear related to hunting, fishing, hiking and anything else outdoors
  • Written by: A team of writers
  • Location: United States

This blog outdoor gear world was created out of love for the outdoors, hunting, fishing and sports.The majority of the site is written reviews on different products that are used when being outdoors. The reviews are through and informative and cover everything from fitness to fishing poles.

#14 Rockies Family Adventures

 Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs
  • Topics: Hiking, climbing mountains, camping and paddling
  • Written by: Tanya Koob
  • Location: Alberta, Canada

This blog focuses on the adventures of Tanya, her husband and son. They live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the doorstep to the fabulous Rocky Mountains.  This family makes it a priority to get out to the mountains almost every weekend and make sure their son is always included.

#15 Outdoors with No Limits

  • Topics: Hiking, climbing, camping, survival and reviews
  • Written by: Lara
  • Location: United States

Lara started this blog because of her passion and love of backpacking, rock climbing, hiking. She often writes about her adventures as well as reviews of products that relate to an outdoors life style.

#16 The Active Life Company

 Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs
  • Topics: Wilderness, wildlife, outdoors, cooking, sunscreen and more
  • Written by: Melissa and Lonnie
  • Location: California, USA

Active Life Company was founded by Melissa and Lonnie for outdoor adventurers like themselves. They believe in living healthy, proactive lives and that means protecting your body’s largest organ – your skin. They created a natural sunscreen with the environment and the active outdoor lover in mind. In addition to that they write about environmental issues and other outdoor subjects.

#17 Outdoor Chics

  • Topics: Adventures, gear reviews, camping, travel abroad and more
  • Written by: Margaux
  • Location: Worldwide

Outdoor Chics was created to inspire you to try new things, challenge yourself and live life to the fullest. It features adventures, gear reviews, videos, sport, challenges and loads of other inspiring content. Her stories are diverse in the outdoor arena but unfortunately she doesn’t update often.

#18 One Road at a Time

  • Topics: Retirement, travel, volunteering, baby boomers and more
  • Written by: Abi and Patti
  • Location: United States

These two retired owners of a French Restaurant had a 10-year plan for life in Oregon. In 2014, just 3 1/2 years in to retirement an opportunity came to them to make perhaps the biggest and boldest change.  The left into a 16′ big yellow truck named, Big Betty, and drove across America; landing in the state of Maryland. They write about adventures and travel along the way.

#19 In the Loop Travel

 Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs
  • Topics: Staying fit, biking, running, cruising, snorkeling and reviews
  • Written by: John
  • Location: Worldwide

John likes to write about adventures and fitness and explore ways to incorporate both into travel. He believes there is a natural connection between fitness and travel. His philosophy is to travel fit, travel happy and travel often. This one may focus a little more on travel with some outdoor adventures.

#20 Wherever I May Roam

  • Topics: Luxury travel, cruises, recipes, food and more
  • Written by: Melody and Taylor Pittman
  • Location: Worldwide

Melody Pittman and Taylor Pittman Hardy are multi-generational mother/daughter travel writers who share about luxury travel, culture, and food. This mother and daughter team, may focus more on travel and food but still like to get outdoors in style. They are experts in cruise, theme park, festival, and unique activities who live in Florida, Panama, Mississippi, and West Virginia.


There is the best outdoor and hiking blogs on the web that we read. This is an ever-changing list so check back for updates! If you are mentioned in this list feel free to add the badge below and link to this page!

Amy is a writer and editor who loves the outdoors, landscape design, and home improvement. She has been remodeling homes since 2013 and is an avid do-it-yourselfer. In her spare time, you can find her hiking, gardening or working on DIY projects.
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