Where is the Best Place to Put a Hot Tub?

Hot Tubs November 13, 2021
Where is the Best Place to Put a Hot Tub


Where is the Best Place to Put a Hot Tub?

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Where is the Best Place to Put a Hot Tub

You most likely came across this article because you are wondering where is the best place to put a hot tub? Basically you can put it on a patio, deck, rooftop, or even in doors. The right spot for your hot tub depends on your landscape design, yard layout, and your personal preference.

Deciding on the best place for your hot tub means considering a few things.


You’re going to be seeing your hot tub quite often, so it’s important to consider its appearance and how it will look in your chosen location. Consider if it will be in the way of furniture, landscaping or other outdoor items? Also think about is standing alone which means it could stick out like a sore thumb? You want your hot tub to compliment the area it is placed, not detract from it.


Because most backyards are usually fenced, this is usually a good place for a hot tub. Also, you can install a pergola or gazebo to improve your hot tub privacy. You can build a hot tub deck with fencing to create a more private location without having to house it in a separate structure.

Of course you will have even more privacy if you decide to put your hot tub indoors. If you do decide to put a hot tub indoors think about the flooring and how slippery it gets when wet because there will be water on the floor when exiting the hot tub.

Where is the Best Place to Put a Hot Tub


The ideal place to put a hot tub is close to the back door to ease your chills when leaving the hot water. Also make sure there is a clear path or steps leading the the hot tub, especially for night time use.

If the hot tub will be a gathering spot for friends and family, you may want to put it in an open location or place where others can be close by. Also, you may consider adding some outdoor lighting and TV.

Weather & Elements

While trees may provide privacy and shade, they also drop their leaves which means more hot tub chemicals and maintenance. It is best to avoid putting your hot tub under any trees or tree branches. Flowers, shrubs, arbors, potted plants, planters, hanging baskets, and fountains can enhance the relaxing ambiance as long as they are several feet away.

A hot tub fence can control the intensity of the wind if you live in a place that tends to be windy. Being hit with wind while relaxing in the hot tub can ruin the experience.

Where is the Best Place to Put a Hot Tub


If you have kids, remember that a nearby hot tub is more than just easy to access, it’s inviting. Water temperatures should be kept low and 98 degrees is safest with children in the home. Our friends from playskillstoys recommend You should keep you kids toys as far as possible. When the spa or hot tub is not in use, always use a locked safety cover.

Regulations and Codes

It is important to consider local regulations and codes before installing a hot tub. Local building codes and housing associations are different depending on where you live. In some areas, you must set the hot tub back at least 5 feet from your property line.

Some cities or states may require a building permit or fencing might be necessary in others. Fence requirements are similar to those of pool enclosures. Some local codes may allow approved hot tub covers to serve as safety barriers.

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